Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

We all got a snow day today!  Well, except daddy.  His snow-day consisted of cleaning off the car and driving to work in the snow.

I am NOT a fan of snow, but I am a fan of snow-days, because that means mommy can sleep in!  Yea!!

Unfortunately, the kids love snow days too, but they are up early begging to go out and play in the snow.  That made it very clear that just looking at it from the window was not an option.

So, I got up.

I got them dressed, me dressed and I let them throw snowballs at each other, and me.

Then we went inside :)

I made them Mickey-shaped chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate.  Somehow I think that took the sting out of having a Snow Grinch for a mom.

Then, I became even more awesome mom, and I filled plastic containers with snow and brought it inside and they are STILL playing at the kitchen table with toys and cups and spoons and tons of imagination.

I even mixed up some cool aid and let them eat their pretend snow cones for real.

Yep, I am a  Snow Grinch...but I rock!

**The snow-bin idea isn't new, I actually thought that up years ago when Gracie was a toddler and we lived in an apartment and we didn't have a back yard to enjoy the snow in.  I have done it for many years since, but not as often since we got a backyard 3 years ago!  But, it made for a great activity today, especially since most of the snow (thankfully!) is gone as we only barely got an inch total in snowfall. **

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