Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday With Out Bryce...

...and a LOT of ladies!

Bryce is on vacation, and at first I wasn't sure if Thomas would even want to go to his church for Wednesday night, but he did.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that with Bryce went his Grandma (who teaches the class), his cousins (whom are both in the class), and apparently everyone else.

Well, that was dramatic--but when I dropped him off at 2 minutes until 6:30, he was all alone, except 4 young ladies who were running/helping with the class.

He was fine.

I thought (too late) about leaving my number in case they wanted to call the evening off so I could come and get him.  But, I resolved myself knowing that Thomas would be fine and he eats up attention like a starving man. And, he seems to like the company of ladies much better (older girls who can call him "adorable" and "cute" and "precious" and make a fuss over him and pick him up and play with him, not girls his own age, he seems to not even notice the difference between them and his boy buddies.--Thank goodness!).

Anyway, I was relieved to find a total of 6 kids when I went to pick him up.  I peeked my head in the room and watched my son being master of the CD player and then he and his friends danced and sang along to a song.

He seemed to have a great time, but told me emphatically that he missed Bryce.  Not that anyone didn't notice that Bryce was gone since Thomas told them EACH "Bryce on a-cation!"

Next Wednesday we will be in TN, so it will be Bryce without Thomas, but these two seem to find many times to play together, so I am sure it won't be long before they are swapping stories and racing cars.

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Grace said...

We need to get these boys together soon!!