Tuesday, December 24, 2013

O, Holy Night

I heard this Amy Grant song for the first time this year and I instantly connected with it.  This year seemed to be the worst with chaos and noise and frustration around the holiday season. With previous Christmases I have found my inner peace and joy around a week before the 25th, but this year (like a couple others) it took until our traditional candlelight Christmas Eve service to really quiet all of the stress and commotion.

I look forward to this service with our family every year. It is the time when we shut everything secular out and we really breathe and smile and take it the joy and majesty of the moment and the reason we all celebrate to begin with.

The kids always look pretty, and regardless of their age, something happens on Christmas Eve services and they sit and listen and don't wallow.  Or maybe I don't notice it.  Christmas Eve has always been my favorite part of the whole holiday season. I find it magical and holy and I savor it all.

We hope that all of you found your joy and your reason for the season...and maybe some silent solemn moments to savor parenthood, and neighbor, and family, and love and especially peace.

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