Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Check Up Champ

He has been dreading it for weeks. In fact, he has had almost literal panic-attacks at odd intervals and run to his room yelling "I don't want to get shot-ed!"

I wasn't sure how this morning was going to go. This morning he woke up near tears knowing it was his 5 year old check up  day (Yes, I know he turned 5 in February, I had an appointment in Feb, the snow cancelled it, I took a really, really long time to reschedule). 

I got him dressed and we talked about it for the millionth time.

Yes, it will hurt, but just for a second. You've got this!

We watched how Daniel Tiger handled his visit to the doctor on the ipad (he has been watching it all week) and we left the subject alone while I gathered all my stuff and got us ready and dressed.

 He was in good spirits by the time we arrived since he had time to wind down and not think about it while he watched Paw Patrol.

They weighed and measured him, and he decided to show off during the eye test. When asked about shapes he said "circle, square, etc" and then when they got to the one that looked like a house and he says "trapezoid!" The nurses just balked.  My little show off!

He seemed more and more fine as he had an opportunity to impress the ladies.  So, by the time we went in the room he was thinking he was hot stuff.

We went through the typical exam and the asking of tons of questions, and then they took his blood. I wasn't prepared for this, but he didn't even flinch. I guess you can't worry about something they surprise you with. It was just a finger prick and little vile. He watched curiously. I didn't watch, because...well I think it would look bad for the mommy to pass out.

Mommy was thrilled to hear that Thomas finally broke the 50th percentile! In fact, he is now 75th in height (47') and weight (44.5 lbs). I can't tell you what a relief that is for me. I know I have blogged about it before, but having a first child that was literally off the charts since 3 months and then having a child who was significantly below average for all of his check ups (and who doesn't eat!!) makes a mama worry. Even when she knows she shouldn't.

There were more questions, a hearing test, and waiting, and then the shot time came.  For starters, kudos to these ladies. They get in and get it done and kids don't even have time to react. Not only that--this awesome nurse (that we have had before) climbed up on the cot and held him without me or Thomas even asking. What a great way to go the extra mile!

He was so proud to tell me that he watched and he didn't even cry. He even was sure to remind me several times the same thing we had been telling him for weeks. "It wasn't that bad."

The nurses and doctor made a fuss over him and they left. He got to pick a prize from the bucket and we found a red ATV just like Ryder's from Paw Patrol.

He handled it all like a champ. And, he had already been promised ice cream for his shots--so I would say it was a pretty good day for know besides getting three vaccines in his arms.

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Candice said...

Thomas, we are so glad that those shots weren't so bad after all! You were so brave! Yay for awesome nurses. I think it takes a very special person to be a good pediatric nurse. That ice cream looks yummy!