Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last Baby Tooth

 ***UPDATE: I never was very good at math, and clearly that is still a difficulty of mine. I knew that she would get her 12 year old molars, and I guess I just didn't think about the fact that there are 4 baby teeth in there holding a place for them! (Thank you Grace) So, long story short--this isn't the last one, and she has 4 more to go, but in theory, this should be the last for another 2 years. I still find it a "sad" moment I guess, because every thing seems to make me sad this month. ****

The 16th, and final baby tooth is out.

I am not sure if I am more sad, or more glad about this "last."

Loose teeth both drive me crazy, and gross me out.

Of course, you are thinking "this crazy lady (who doesn't like bloody teeth) has blogged about the loss (and first appearance) of every tooth in that child's mouth!"

Yea, I know. It is really hard to explain me.

So farewell number 16.

I guess there is officially nothing "baby" about my oldest "baby" any more.


Grace said...

You may be able to hold onto your baby for 4 more teeth! Bryce has 20 baby teeth that I assume will all come out. See if you can find 4 more in there!

Candice said...

Oh my! Gracie...slow down. Stop growing up. You were just 3 yesterday!

Cody Zieba said...
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Cody Zieba said...

Awww! They grow up so fast don't they? First thing you know they're losing their first baby tooth and the next they're losing their last. It's both a sad and beautiful part of our kids growing up. Don't worry, I guess you have two more years before the last four baby teeth starts to go. I'm sure you'll be making more wonderful moments before that time or even after that time comes! Take care and keep us updated! :)

Cody Zieba @ Reed Orthodonics