Monday, May 19, 2014

Last Week Of Preschool

Well, if you are worried, you can stop--for now.  I am much better this week.

Of course that is after making myself so sick with a sadness I was trying to keep hidden for 2 weeks, and then finally breaking down and sobbing like a crazy lady over the weekend.  But, the point is I am okay.  For now. I make no promises about Wednesday (last day of preschool/Thomas' play date graduation party), Thursday (the actual graduation), and Friday ( the end of the year picnic/last goodbyes).  But, I think it is safe to be around me today and tomorrow at least.

I couldn't let the last Monday of preschool opportunity pass me by, so I had the camera ready. Unfortunately teachers were chatting with me when he went in, and when he came out today, so I missed good pictures. But there will be more Wednesday, and my little trooper didn't care to pose for me when we got home.

I want to point out how much bigger he looks from his first day of school--but I will refrain and post a side by side picture of him from September and this Wednesday (it would be more  poetic, First and Last Days).

I also took the opportunity to box up his preschool year.

I know it is a Pringles box, but let me tell you they are perfect! We would buy these from Costco when they would sell them at back to school time. I didn't take long to realize they were a perfect size. So, I kept them and I have nice rows of them in the attic labeled one for each school year for each child.  Sadly though, Costco didn't sell these this year, and I have two left! One for Gracie's 4th grade year, and this one.  I hope they sell more this fall, I can't break up an awesome pattern! 

There is just enough room left for his orange shoes. We made it all school year, but barely!  Of course these were just for school, so he only wore them a few hours 3 days a week.  The canvas has helped give a little as his feet have grown, but he is definitely out of room in them.  I just want him to wear them one more day (no, he has not complained about them hurting, but they are tough to get on, and the sides are coming undone). I loved these shoes since I saw them in the store in Tennessee. I believe I already bragged to you about scoring them here in Mechanicsville in September/late August for half off!

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