Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oil Change

Garren texted me several times as he and Thomas waited their turn at Firestone to get the oil changed in the Pilot.  Garren usually does car maintenance himself, but he hasn't attempted work on the SUV, plus that reminder thing keeps flashing!

So, Thomas, age 5 who LOVES (and I mean LOVES) all things car-related, was having a great time watching the mechanics service other cars. And, when he is enjoying himself, that usually means he is talking a mile a minute about every thing he sees.

Poor daddy was experiencing what I get to experience every day (he he :).

I asked him to snap a picture for me of Thomas watching the other cars.  And I got that one.

What I wasn't expecting was a picture of Thomas pushing a button!

The great people at Firestone were so captivated by Thomas and his unending cuteness, they let him push the lift, gave him safety glasses to wear and take home, and sent him home with stickers!  What a great staff of people.

Thomas was floating high when he came home to tell me all about the "Auto Shop," and everything he got to see and do.

It's the little things that companies and employees and people in general do.  Never underestimate the effects of just giving a little bit more of yourself.  You can make anyone's...even a little boys... day one to remember for a long, long time.

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Candice said...

See, and we look at an oil change as such a nuisance! It's amazing to see things through a child's perspective, eh?