Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy 14th Anniversary

14 years of marriage for us. I can't say "wedded bliss," it annoys me. While we have a very solid and generally happy marriage that only gets stronger with time--"wedded bliss" gives the illusion and adds to the myth that marriage and relationships are easy and nothing but sunshine and roses.  It takes hard work, compromise, communication, and lots and lots of forgiveness and prayer.

This journey surely has not be easy, but it has been fulfilling and wonderful more times than not.  Thanks for sticking with me sweetheart.

I took a candid shot of the two of us this evening after finding a closer and new Cook Out!! We got milkshakes for an anniversary dessert with the kids. We figured we owed them that since they have survived the last 5 & 10 years of us being married too ;)  And, we went for an anniversary lunch at Olive Garden and didn't take them or bring them home anything! ;)

And, sweet bonus, the biggest rainbow I had ever seen on the way to Cook Out.  It was a double rainbow and from the flat land you could see both ends (with your eyes, there is not a wide enough zoom on my camera)!

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