Friday, March 20, 2015

Arena Racing...Again

So, we can now cross that off the "Richmond Bucket List."

We went a few weeks ago and took Bryce, and this time we went again and took his whole family!

All the boys seemed to have a great time, and at least one of us girls enjoyed ourselves (that would be Gracie, I failed at trying to find an excuse to stay at home and soak up 4 hours of just me time).

This time around we were sure to get there early enough for autographs. Thomas was super bummed that we didn't get any last time.

While, I am not an Arena Cart super fan, I have to say this race was much more exciting. There were 4x as many wrecks and impressive crashes/bumps. And, lets be honest, that is the most "fun" part of people driving in a tight circle for 3 hours.

Well, that an the t-shirts they toss out.  My kids didn't get lucky, but both Bryce & Emmy got one thanks to the long and athletic arms of their mom and dad!

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