Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear Virginia Beach

To the people of the Virginia Beach area,

We are coming.  My husband, two kids and myself are all packing up in a few months and moving into your "neck of the woods."

I doubt that most of you will even notice us when we arrive, and won't even notice we have left when that time comes as well.

But, if you happen to be looking out your front window when the moving truck pulls up, or your kid is in my child's class, or you notice us uncomfortably sitting in a pew trying to find God in a new and not yet comfortable space--maybe you will think twice about walking away without saying hello or a smile.

I am not a prize by any means. I am human, and flawed, and well...down right nutty.

But, I am worth getting to know.

I am terribly shy and don't have much in the way of self esteem; but, I can cook, and sew and I am super crafty.

I am terrible with phone calls as they make me uncomfortable; but, I am a really good writer and a great listener.

You won't want to invite me to parties or out for "girls night" because I am not at all "grown up" fun and a great big stick in the mud; but, I am very creative and get tons of ideas and share.

I don't drink, not just because I am uptight, but because I am a person moved by smell, and I can't stand the stench of beer and wine; but, I will be the first to bring your family dinner if someone is sick, or an extra desert or treat just because.

You will likely hurt my feelings, as you won't be any more perfect than I am;  but, I am fiercely loyal, and I will always be there for you and your family for whatever you need.

I won't have any clue who the super stars are you are that talking about, as my idea of a great show is "The Golden Girls" and my car radio station stays planted on the Christian music channel; but, I will always think of you first when my kids out grow something or they are done with a toy or book.

Your home will be so much trendier than mine, as I am very old fashioned and super cheap; but, I will cheer on your Pinterest goals and help you paint or cut or sand or wax.

I won't be the first to volunteer for anything as I am painfully shy and well aware of my non-existent leadership qualities; but, I am a great follower and with enough encouragement I have no problem giving of my time, my energy and myself.

I don't go to the movies or nice restaurants, mostly because I am crazy cheap, but also because social situations make me uncomfortable (and, I am working on it!) ; but, I'll organize the class parties and be the room mom and make the crafts and cookies and cupcakes so you won't have to, or to share the load that you usually bare.

I doubt I will have any idea of the "man candy" you are referring to as my idea of the "perfect man" (after my husband of course) is Andy Taylor; but, I have two kids that are older and I have been through 11 years of parenting and I can help, or at least listen and pray for you.

You may resent me because I get to stay at home with my kids all day every day; but, I will admire you for how hard you have to balance your life.

You will get frustrated with my inability to navigate, my ridiculous thriftiness, my helicopter parenting and/or my constant apologies for myself and children; but, I am typically non-drama.

You may only call or talk to me when you need something, or when you are bored; but, I will be thankful that someone decided that I was worthy of calling or talking to.

I will never be your "best friend," because there will be someone you have known longer or find way more fun; but, I won't know a lot of people, and you take a lot of your time to share with me, and that may just make you my "best" friend.

So, maybe you will find in me a reason God decided to uproot myself and my family, and maybe I will find in you the same thing.  I happened last time.

Barbara Shipley
The nutty stay at home mom of two who is thankful God finds her worthy


Stephanie said...

You are also very honest, sweet, and awesome!

Candice said...

I have a feeling you are going to love it there!

Shipley Mommy said...

Tom-Colette Mozingo You are priceless, my precious God-sent friend! heart emoticon To know you and your amazing family is to love you, and we are so blessed to call you "family"

Jill Botham I love this! You are perfect and loved. I'm certain that God has all the right people lined up to welcome you in to community.
And since you'll be close to the beach....maybe the rest of us will line up to visit!

Heather Halpin Perez Yay you and Sara Spradlin Howard will be near each other!! Just ocurred to me that out of our bunch you are the only two that live in the same state!

Connie Meeks You. Are. Awesome. So happy for you and your new adventure! ♡

Sharon Fletcher Bowers From the first moment I met you, I knew you were the one for Garren! Our family is much richer because of you, Barbara Miller Shipley!!!! May God bless you and your sweet family... Love you all!

Rebecca Daugherty Kaye Near Ethan Daugherty and Mere Daugherty too!

Sara Spradlin Howard I haven't known any one in the Virginia Beach area longer than I've known you smile emoticon I can't wait to show you all around (that will make twice - if you count Maymont several years ago). Also, depending on where exactly you settle I have church recommendations.

Rebecca Daugherty Kaye Where is Garren's office? Where Ethan and Meredith live in Driver (a little community in Suffolk) is super cute.