Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teacher Delivery Night

He was really hoping that his teacher would deliver his pizza tonight. So hopeful he made her a special welcome message.

This is the first time we have participated in the school's fundraiser with Papa John's for "Teacher Delivery Night."  I was always too worried about the kids teachers seeing our house, or Thomas running around in his underwear!

Since this is our last year at MES, I promised the kids we would do it.

Cheyenne from up the street wanted to wait and see who came to our door with the pizzas so she hung out with us and played.

Around 5:06 two teacher assistants showed up with our yummy dinner.

It was a fun thing, and I am sorry we didn't participate sooner.  Even if we didn't get Mrs. Naff, or Mrs. Madison, or one of our all time favorite teachers: Mrs. Joyner, all who were participating tonight.

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