Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Kindergarten Egg Hunt

I love this part of spring!

I love lots of parts of spring--but the Easter Egg hunts are some of my favorite! 

Poor Gracie is too old (at school) for egg hunts as the teachers typically stop those at Grade 2 (unless you are the room mom and you convince Grade 3 teacher to have one ;).

**Don't feel too bad for her, she will hunt for eggs Saturday at Bryce's church. Our church caps the age at 2nd grade, but Bryce's church caps it at 5th grade, so this is her last chance**

Back to Thomas.

Gracie and 3 of her classmates came out and helped Grace, Christy, Emmy and I hide 444+ eggs!  Each child (there are 22) had to send in 22 eggs.  So, it was a LOT to hide.

The kids had a blast finding them in the court yard after they returned from lunch and got their bunny bags.

I loved watching them "hunt." As you can see the eggs are barely hidden, but they have to find their number in order to collect the egg. Thomas had to find 22 eggs with the number "15" on them as that is his student number in the classroom.

He was so proud to find his eggs.

After the egg hunt the kids were treated to cookies and juice.

I think we can say it was a perfect day for an egg hunt and all the kids had a wonderful time!

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