Friday, April 24, 2015

Let's Go Racin' last time.

But, seriously, I'm okay with that!

While I love that my guys love the race, it stresses this uptight mama out.  But, we came, we saw, we cheered, and we got stuck in an hour long wait to get out of the parking lot--but we eventually made it home all tuckered out.

This race wasn't all that exciting. Unless you count the big fire ball and the man running away from said fireball on fire!!

But, other than that this might be one of the fastest races I have ever seen--on TV or in person.

Thomas loved it though. He was in heaven.  And, Gracie thoroughly enjoyed herself too. We all got a big cold as the temperatures were no cooperative, but the kids and daddy really got into it, and that was well worth the admission!

He is pretending to change the tires on the car. You need to know that so you don't think he is making a finger gun and freak out like I did!


We had some warmer racing fun this afternoon after school.

Cheyenne and her mom found about Kroger's Fan Appreciation day and we all loaded up and spent a while having fun with the activities they had laid out in their parking lot.

I can't say for sure that this is our last race, but it will likely be for a while.  Living 10 minutes from the track makes going a LOT more convenient!

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