Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Spring Break--Tuesday

Since we conquered Maymont yesterday, we had to come up with a Plan B for rainy day fun with Rachael, Rebecca & Mrs. Jo.

Thankfully Keri (R& R's mom) has membership at the Children's Museum!

Mrs. Jo had never been, and Grace has taken Thomas and I with her with her membership many times before. Well, I personally love the smaller one in Short Pump, so I loaded us all up in my Pilot (that's 3 car seats!) and we went and had a wonderful time!

What was even more fun was that Rachael and Rebecca had never been to this location either--they have only been to the one on Broad! They seemed to really enjoy all this place had to offer.

And, guess what I took along?

Yup, my handy dandy awesome new camera!!!

We said goodbye to Rachael, Rebecca & Mrs. Jo (who watches them for Keri a few times a week) mid afternoon.

It was still rainy and yucky, but we had one more good plan for the day.  Thomas has been wanting to see Plane: Fire And Rescue since it came out, and well, he never has. But, lucky for us Cheyenne owns the DVD and let us borrow it.

It was a family movie kind of night, and Thomas loved the second installment of the Disney Planes adventure.

Day two--Rocked it!

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