Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Spring, But Back To School Anyway

The kids were up and at 'em this morning. I guess a week of sleeping in and doing fun stuff instead of school made for an easier transition than I was expecting.  I only had to wake them once, and we even had time to spare before the bus pulled up!

When they got home from school they both seemed to be in good spirits. I think the fact that teachers also got a week break made life more bearable on the Monday back for everyone.

While school is back in session, the spring temperatures haven't gone anywhere. Of course, the kids are shouting that it is summer already and they are hot--but they will be reminded that this isn't "hot" at all by the time July rolls around.

But, we'll let them feel "hot" anyway, and give them Popsicles.

Typically a warm afternoon is spent in my yard, but this time we went to have fun in Cheyenne's yard.  I (of course) took my new and favorite toy.

We hope you all enjoyed the warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine--especially if you are like us and may not see it for several more days.

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