Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thank You Mrs. Banton

 I am sure when you think "librarian," you imagine a 60 something year old lady with a mean look and glasses on a chain.  And, so did I, until one of my closest friends graduated with a degree in Library sciences. (She has been published several times in   newspapers for the work she is doing! Yea, Heather!)

But, back to my praise of our elementary school's librarian--who neither wears glasses and isn't even in the hemisphere of 60 years of age.

 She has been at the school for a few years now, and Gracie and her classmates have worked very hard on different projects for the library including an interactive tour!

Gracie's interactive tour poster in the library

Filmed 2014, Gracie and classmates show you how to use the school library
Last month for Dr. Seuss day, Gracie and a few of her classmates took turns reading to Kindergarteners and preschool kids in the library, and Mrs. Banton is so amazing that when I found out she took some pictures and begged asked for them, she happily emailed me copies!

March 2015. Gracie reads Seuss to Kindergarteners
This year I have volunteered twice to help Mrs. Banton and the school with the Book Fair, and for Reading Olympics, so I have been blessed with several opportunities
to get to know this great woman, whom both my children adore.

And, while she was already tops in our book, she got blasted off the charts when she ordered the Frozen chapter book series for the library AND brought Gracie the coveted third installment (the only one she hasn't read yet) to her classroom today and allowed her to be the FIRST person to ever check it out.

Gracie could not wait to come home and tell me all about it, and while I expected her to read it for homework, she announces she has already finished it!

Mrs. Banton, this isn't the first time--but you made her day.  Thanks for being such and awesome and dedicated librarian.

And guess what? It is library appreciation month, and the 4th was National School Librarian Day!  We may have missed it that day (Spring Break), but we are singing her praises (at least out loud on a blog) today.

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