Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Family That Works Together....

...complains together

...gets sweaty together

...and stays together--for better or worse.

Yes, that's Gracie mowing the lawn. Her daddy figured she was old enough to do that and he taught her how to do it safely.

While she moaned about the prospect, the funny thing was when she was done, she whispered to me "I kind of like mowing the lawn."

The fact that she earns money for doing that doesn't hurt either.

Thomas has always been our big helper, and he will take any job we give him and do it with joy. He loves that Daddy lets him use the leaf blower to blow the cut grass off the sidewalks and driveway.

And after he finished that he helped me rinse of the cars.

Daddy does the bulk of the yard work and his little helpers are very good side kicks.  Daddy mowed the front yard leaving the back for Gracie, and he handled the weed eater.

Clearly mama gets off "easy" in the physical labor department, but hey, I do everything else seven days a week, so I am good with that! And, I needed to snap the pictures ;)

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