Friday, May 08, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we were sure to let Mrs. Naff know how much we adored her as a class.  Grace and I came up with a week long of daily themes and I let the other parents know our plans and encouraged them to participate as many days as possible--and they did! Mrs. Naff was really showered with love each day of the week!


Wearing Green & Blue (her favorite colors) and sending her "love notes"

Teacher School Supplies

(Yeah, I forgot to take a picture today :( We got her sticky note pads and told her she was the "Write stuff for us" :)

Chocolate (her favorite food!)

Showered With Gifts
(well, gift cards! We took up a collection and 9 families participated and brought in over $70 to her favorite stores!)

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