Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A.C Moore Craft Wednesday (Cupcakes)

We love taking advantage of A.C. Moore's Kids craft Wednesdays. They only do these a few weeks in the summer, so I try hard to add them to our calendar of activities.  We missed last week, but today was decorating your own cupcakes, so that more than made up for it!

Monday, July 20, 2015

One Year Sober's funny because any one who knows me, knows I don't drink. I am so not a fun lady.

But, I have now added "soda's" or "cokes" (as well called all canned drinks) or "soft drinks," however you describe them to my drink no-no's.

About a year ago someone posted one of those charts that often go ignored on Facebook. This one was about what diet drinks do to your body and your organs.  Well, I don't know what clicked, but I figured I could give it a try and give them up.

Doesn't sound hard I am sure.  Of course I drank at least 3 a day and I have never stuck to anything past my almost 15 year marriage and motherhood. I give up.  A lot.  And, sadly, fairly easily and with depressed tears.

So, you can imagine how proud I am that I haven't had a soft drink in 12 months.  Yup, 12 months.

Now, according to "research" and that chart, my life and body should be rejoicing and doing all sorts of things better.

I am not going to lie to you. I did not loose weight. I did not feel better or healthier. But, I was sticking to something. I couldn't just drop it.  So, more than 365 days later I am still soft drink free.  I can't feel any health benefits, but I am sure they are lurking around in there somewhere.  And, hey, did I mention I stuck to something--for a whole year?!!!

Yea Me!!!

PS: The first week was the hardest, mostly from the significant drop in caffine. But, by the end of the month I didn't even miss it.  And, no, I didn't crave it, and I don't now. Actually, I have accidentally sipped one of the kids thinking it was my tea from a drive thru and nearly gagged. I can't even handle the flavor.

PPS: Yes, I seriously cut out my drinking options.  What do I drink? Water or tea (barely sweet now), and occasionally a lemonade.  I never liked milk, juice, sports drinks, or really any thing else to drink. So, I am not a drink snob now, I always was. But, I make do on my 3 life drinking choices.

***For the record, my soft drink of choice was Diet Pepsi and I drank 3 cans, or several cups if I had a 2 liter--per day! I would drink Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper if those were the only choices at a restaurant. **

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mama's Little Reader

Okay, so Mrs. Naff can take most of the credit for his blossoming reading skills.  But, I am his mama so I get to brag about it.

My Thomas can read. I mean, really well. He has come so far, and we are so proud!

He finished all 8 books for the Barnes and Noble summer reading incentive and picked out his free book.

And, of course I made it into a photo moment.  It's what I do people!

Family Movie Afternoon

The kids love it when daddy has ideas.

And today his idea was a family day at the movies.

Since mama is so cheap, we usually do the movie thing once a year.  But, I guess we broke that rule this year since Gracie and I saw Cinderella while the boys saw Avengers.

Eh, I guess there is room for breaking rules.

We had heard mixed reviews on the Minions movie, but the kids didn't care, and they loved it--and the popcorn we popped for.

**That's my Gracie, so much like her mama! I wasn't a fan of the movie poster for the Minions, and I always snap a picture of the kid or kids outside the movie we saw. (Just go with it people, I mean really, you should not be surprised by a) the fact that I take pictures of the kids in front of movie posters or b) that I found bare animated bottoms in poor taste)--so, she uses her arm to cover the yellow bare bottoms because she found it inappropriate too! Love my girl!**

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Gift For The Baby

The kids could not wait to buy something for the baby.

Since Thomas has Chewey (given by Aunt Ruth & Uncle George for his first Christmas), and Gracie has Lambie (given by Aunt Sharon as a baby shower gift)--the kids wanted to pick out a special friend for their new baby brother or sister.

I was very happy with their yellow choice.

I am sure the baby will love his or her giraffe!  What good big siblings they are!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Beach Day

Well, we aren't going to live there now, but we can still visit.

We had already decided to ride with daddy to the beach and drop him at his office and go play in the waves earlier this summer.  But, we ended up not having to explore neighborhoods and schedule home viewings as we once planned.

We just rode the waves.  While daddy worked. Yes, life isn't always fair.

The kids were beyond ecstatic all day.  The waves and wind were rough, but we made the best of it, and I was so proud for navigating us to Sandbridge all by myself! (Well, the phone helped).

Daddy didn't get to play in the sand and surf, but he did get Zaxby's for dinner on the way home, so it wasn't all a wash.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

While We Are Making Announcemets

We have been blessed in more ways than getting to stay where we wanted...we are also getting a third (and final) baby Shipley.

We told the kids Wednesday night at the same time we told them about not having to move.  Both are super excited to have a baby brother or sister, and both are rooting for another of their own gender.

I can only imagine the thoughts that people who know us, and those who know little about us, and even family are thinking (but kindly not saying).  But, the truth is, this was our decision, and something that we prayed on and for, for more than a year and a half.  We are happy, we are blessed, and we truly believe that our lives and our paths are in God's hands.

Our new addition will be here in December, and we will be overjoyed.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Best Friends

...who get to stay best friends.

Bryce seemed a little "matter of fact" about the news that Thomas was staying.

We met Bryce and his family for desert after our big announcement dinner and Thomas ran over and shouted it to him. Bryce stood quiet for a minute, apparently processed it, and said..

"Hey Thomas you want to race in the grass?"

What it must be like to be 6.

I did video the moment expecting so much more, but really, that's what happened.

In the end, they still get to be best friends in the same city and the same school--so ice cream was just a topper.

We Are Staying

I was debating on a new blog post about all the boxes in our house.  It seems like the more I packed up, the more cranky and irritable everyone in this house got.  Moving was weighing on everyone's minds in different ways.  Gracie worried about making new friends and dealing with Middle School, Thomas missing his best friend and kindergarten teacher, daddy trying to find the perfect place and the idea of having to lay hands on everything we own and move it--twice, and me, well I felt it all.  As a mama and devoted wife, their pain and anxiety is mine.  It was up to me to make the new house a home, comfort all the children's worries and help the physical and emotional load upon daddy.

I don't have to share our long few months of "suffering," and anxiety now--because most of it is over.

It is a LONG story and quite complicated, but we are staying.

We are staying in this house and are in the process of renewing our lease for another year.

Daddy is staying at his job and continuing to commute to Virginia Beach twice a week and hopefully in the immediate future "as needed."

Thomas will stay at MES and go to first grade with his best friend Bryce.

Gracie will go to Stonewall Middle with half of her friends. (MES divides between 2 high schools).

With hope and prayers we will return to our long awaited dream of owning our own home in 12 months and start the process all over again as the kids finish up this coming school year.

There have been a lot of prayers said for our family and by our family to make it through this very difficult time in our lives.  Those prayers have been answered. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. We just wanted strength, and now we have that strength in the form of a giant weight lifted from our hearts and minds.

We genuinely thank all of you who were thinking about and praying for us during this time of transition

Saturday, July 04, 2015