Sunday, September 13, 2015

Promotion Sunday

As if I wasn't already aware that he is getting too big, too fast--here's another milestone.

Today was "Promotion Sunday," and for those kids who have aged-out of their former Sunday School class, they were invited to join friends in a new one.

Thomas was excited to go in to the "big class," but when we arrived he saw just how much bigger the other kids were and made the instant (and unexpected) decision to leave Chewey behind. I was shocked that as I left I was holding his stuffed best friend, and let me tell you--that did not make this moment easier for this mama.

Chewey sat quietly with me for the reminder of the service until time to pick up his human.

Thomas clearly had a great time in his new class, and I was glad to see the smile on his face when I picked him up.

He and Chewey reunited, and all was right with the world once again.

Next week, Thomas and all the other first graders will be given their Bible's during the church service, and I am excited for that Kodak special moment. So, tune in next week!

 We have a new associate pastor, and all of the congregation was asked to wear our name tags for the next few months so she can put names with faces.  So, I snapped a photo. And NO, I still can't get Gracie to go to Sunday School. Mommy's shy violet and her very not shy gregarious brother!

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