Sunday, October 04, 2015

Unloading The Pumpkins

It was her first "Youth Group" experience.

As you know we have been taking Gracie to Wednesday Nights At The Grove, a weekly Bible Study at our church, and much to our joy--she has been loving her time with the middle school youth.

We had planned to help unload the pumpkins (that the Youth sell to fund their missions) as a family anyway, but this gave Gracie and even better incentive now that she is officially a youth.

Unfortunately it was a dreary nasty day thanks to that hurricane. Although, we will remain thankful it stayed off coast and didn't make a bigger mess here.

Gracie was a trooper, and the youth were glad daddy went along. He and other dads we called on to carry the massive boxes and humongous pumpkins!

I did not help with the pumpkins, except lend moral support and take pictures. We have never done this before, and I wasn't sure if there was separate groups for small pumpkins or not. There wasn't, and some of those pumpkins were huge and I knew better than to lift heavy things over and over at 7 months pregnant. That wouldn't be safe for me or the baby.

As for Thomas, he did what he does best. Charm everyone. 

He was the hit of the afternoon. Mama's ham was spreading it on thick and loved being a big helper like daddy.

It was a good, messy project for the Shipley family, and I loved watching Gracie make new connections and help out in such a big group.

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