Thursday, November 12, 2015

Middle School Mom Frustration

Can't wait to make it a whole week WITHOUT a Middle School meltdown!

Babies I can do,
sleepless nights I have handled,
every illness kids can bring home from school I have conquered,
broken bones in BOTH children I have survived,
I have earned stickers for refereeing sibling rivalry,
 unraveling green-eyed monsters

--but this middle school nightmare is by far the hardest challenge for me as a mom.


Mamaw said...

Poor Gracie! The growing pains that come with adjusting to middle school can be just as hard on mom as they are on daughter.

Jeannette T said...

just wait till High school! Get her into band nothing prepares you for high school like marching band as you know!

Sunshine W. G. said...

You'll make it. I know because I didn't think I would. But I am. Was several months of adjustment. Our star student was disorganized, missing assignments, among other things. Year two of middle school, which still has the girl and boy drama, including from ours I'm sure, is there. But she's back to what we are used to. In highly emotional situations I've found she wants an ear not a fix. Totally against a parent's instinct. Hang in there.

Candice said...

Oh no! Prayers for you and Gracie! It is the worst years for sure!

Jane W. said...

And for the child, also!!! It will get better!

Stephanie K. said...

I read something the other day that really resonated with me. It said life doesn't start to get good for women until they are in their 40s and 50s and they stop caring what people think about them. But women aren't really alive until their 60s and 70s when they realize no one has actually ever been talking about them because people only ever talk about themselves. Of course a 12 year old will not believe this, but it made me laugh because it is so true!!