Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Our New Favorite Game

I scored this Muppet's Yatzee game at Goodwill this week for $2.

It looked cute and I thought the kids would enjoy it.  I had no idea how much!  We all 4 played it last night (as Daddy is a Yatzee expert and I don't think I have ever played).

Well, it didn't take long to catch on, and Thomas fell in love with the game. I think something about shaking stuff and slamming it down on the table appealed to him ;)

He begged Gracie and I to play it with him tonight and we obliged. Daddy was busy at work with election returns, but we had to text him when Thomas not only got a "Yatzee," but won the game.

After dinner he still had 20 minutes before shower so he asked for another round.  Gracie was done, but mommy played with him, and sure enough the little stinker won again!

 I think this might quickly become our go-to family game.

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