Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas Parade 2015

We enjoyed another year of watching the Mechanicsville Christmas Parade from the front row seats in the Whitlock yard.

This is the second year Grace and her family has been kind enough to invite us to camp out along her street--which happens to be on the parade route.

Although this year it was perfect weather! Perfect fall weather, but I was loving it! No coats and blankets and shivering kids!

 Football and rough-housing before the parade.

 Ready to watch, and collect treats!

Here we go!

"Olaf?" Gracie yells

What these boys have been waiting to see.

 A great picture of best buds enjoying the parade together.

How cute are the miniature ponies?!!

 Parade stopper Thomas!

Ronald loved Jason's "redneck" inflatables in the front yard. So did most of the parade passengers who called out how awesome they were.

 Gracie went too, she just concentrated on the food, drink & goodies while her brother lived it up.

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Candice said...

I am loving this warm, December weather! I asked J if she wanted to go to our parade, and she said, "No. I'd rather stay home and play." So, that's just what we did. (Ours is LONG and boring.)