Monday, December 21, 2015

First Pediatrician Appointment

I survived my first venture out of the house solo with kids!! 

 Confession 1--I'm not supposed to be driving post-op. 

 Confession 2--I did ask Grace to take us, but then felt to guilty sucking up her morning at a pediatrician a office, so I decided to do it myself. 

 Confession 3--I only had 2 kids. Gracie was with best friend Clara at Busch Gardens Christmas Town. 

 Bonus confession--Garren had a cow and got very angry with me when he found out I went by myself.  


The outing was mostly a success, but it was also wrought with plenty of drama... 

*Thomas is super pouty and upset because Gracie is gone on a play date and he is left out. 

*Tobias screams and screams at the appointment. 

*Tobias poops on the nurse as she takes his temperature. *While he was considered "low risk" at the hospital for jaundice, his red skin and yellow eyes have the Dr. Concerned enough to take a bilirubin test. 

*Tobias is such a good bleeder that when the nurse finishes and bandages him foot I move to dress him and find that I am covered, he is covered and the blanket and now the cot is covered in blood. 

*After all is said and done, I quickly realize why I should NOT have tried to do all of that solo 2 days after being cut open. Eh, live and learn.

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