Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our First Outing

It was a picture perfect Sunday, and the weather was too wonderful to pass up the opportunity for our first outing.

I figure this might be our last chance this winter. After all, it's December 27th and it is warm enough that we are going for a walk and to the park!

Richmond weather is really weird, and this doesn't surprise us at all after our 5th "winter" here. Of course, we will pay for these very late fall temperatures come January or February.

But, in the meantime, mommy is feeling well enough to put on shoes and see how a brisk walk will be handled by both her body and her baby.

Since we live in a VERY sloped neighborhood, I figured it would be best for all of us to borrow Grace's nice flt neighborhood for our first outing, and I am glad we did.

Not only was it easier on my post-op body, but we got to see some warm and happy faces.

Thomas' teacher Mrs. Tapper lives in that neighborhood and he was thrilled that we ran into her along our walk. I think she might have enjoyed meeting Tobias and getting to see Thomas as well.

Of course the Whitlock's got another peek at our bundle since we borrowed the parking space in front of their house (they didn't seem to mind).

And, since the walk went so well, we decided to head on out to Pole Green Park.  We were all ready for some sunshine and some exercise (i.e a chance for the kids to get some energy out!!!).

Besides the rough at times wind, Tobias seemed to enjoy his outing as well. He couldn't play with the big kids, but he did get a "picnic lunch."

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Candice said...

So glad you've had the warm spell too! We loved it, and it was the perfect chance for Tobias to get some fresh air!