Friday, December 18, 2015

Tobias Headed Home

We are headed home!

He was all cozy and warm for the ride home from the hospital today--which wasn't planned.  My doctor was telling me in the delivery room that it would likely be Saturday before I could go home, so I was very surprised when a partnering doctor gave both Tobias and myself the go-ahead to leave early.

Interestingly, we came to the hospital without jackets before sun-up on Wednesday, and we are leaving on a bitterly cold, windy, rainy Friday.  That's Richmond weather for you--even in December.

 And, after we got home and welcomed the kids home from school and grabbed a short snooze, we got some great visitors!

Grace and Jason and their kids all came to meet Tobias for the first time.  Bryce was there too, but he could have cared less about the baby and more about hanging out with Thomas. And, Jason decided not to rob Grace of any baby cuddling time.

We have survived day 3 with our sweet and oh so compliant baby boy! I know we shouldn't jinx ourselves, but he is the best & easiest baby so far!

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