Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Baby's First Errands

I couldn't seem to leave well enough alone.

We survived our first day solo yesterday staying at home in jammies, so what should we do today? Mix it up, get dressed and run errands?!!

So, bad idea, but we got it done.

Now, I only had to run two places, and alone it would have taken 30 minutes tops. But, with a newborn it took most of the early afternoon.  You forget how much prep goes into getting them ready, packing the diaper bag, getting them in the carrier, getting the carrier in the car, getting them out of the car, loading them in store...etc.  Plus, add it the roadside pulloffs to calm baby and re-apply the bink.

But, like we conquered yesterday, we conquered again today!

And, before you freak about baby + public spaces.  Tobias was inside of Sams Club for maybe 20 minutes and his carrier was covered the entire time. I only had to pick up Claritin from the pharmacy, and then we were out.

Our second stop should have taken 30 seconds, since we just needed to drop off a curriculum book back at the church, but everyone wanted to see the little precious, so we took a bit longer.

We were home in no time and ready to get big brother Thomas off the bus.

Looks like mommy is getting the hang of 3 kids.

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