Monday, February 15, 2016

Mommy's (Sad) Birthday Checklist

Birthday Checklist:

--Be trapped in house with husband & 3 kids thanks to snow.

--Cancel birthday lunch with friends I planned for myself.

--Cook breakfast

--Clean up breakfast

--Make beds

--Do dishes

--2 loads of laundry

--Clean up Lego mess in living room

--Fix lunch

--Get 1 helping before oldest child eats it all while you feed baby.

--Clean up from lunch

--2 more loads of laundry

--Referee fight

--Cook dinner

--listen to middle child complain about choice for dinner

--Burn garlic bread

--Add in 2 poop diapers, 2 more sibling fights, 4+ feedings

--Find ice cream cake parents snuck in freezer during Saturday's visit to surprise you :)

1 comment:

Shipley Mommy said...

Jill Botham Cake is the best part! Happy day!

Barbara Miller Shipley Well, cake back in freezer untouched. Bedtime routine took over unsure emoticon Maybe I'll keep it frozen until next year.

Jill Botham Boo. There's still time to thaw a piece and eat it in bed! wink emoticon

Jamie Wooldridge Gagnon Or eat it in your closet while you're hiding!

Barbara Miller Shipley Enjoy birthdays while you can kiddos. There is no celebrating when you hit parenthood.

Barbara Miller Shipley And, I hope you "snow people" enjoyed your day.

Barbara Miller Shipley I'm past old, I'm allowed to be cranky without impunity now wink emoticon

Nikki Lamkin Greer Pop that cake back out of the freezer and enjoy it!

Tonia Behne Ward I love ice cream cakes!! Aunie used to get them for me when I lived with her. smile emoticon Mom always got apple pies and ice cream.

Tonia Behne Ward Although after your day, I would not share my cake and after everyone goes to bed eat as much as I want. I am sorry it's been a normal day. You aren't alone thought pretty much the same ol' same ol' here on mine.

Barbara Miller Shipley Getting old stinks! unsure emoticon

Linda Wiley Collins I would be cranky, too, if my "alone time" lunch with friends was cancelled; be sure to reschedule! Sample YOUR cake one day when you are home alone since baby won't each much. Happy Birthday!

Amy Halpin Schwartz Happy birthday!! It just means you get to drag your celebration out ALL week!!! You deserve it. I know sometimes it really sucks making everyone else's days special and your special day goes by largely unnoticed. Hang in there!!!!!

Barbara Miller Shipley Thank you! I needed to hear that last part, makes me feel less like a big baby for feeling so hurt.

Amy Halpin Schwartz I have felt that way many times. It's hard!!

Candice GeFellers I'd eat that cake while they are at school...don't share!!!! I don't like to talk "numbers" on my birthday, but Elliott always takes me out to eat and buys me a gift/card.

Jean Miller I never wanted to tell you this part about being a Mom. I was really hoping it would be different for you this year. So sorry. frown emoticon

Janet Stoner Gephart Happy Birthday!

Jo Kelchner Happy Barbara Day! ❤️

Jane Woodson Have a Great Day celebrating your birthday!!!!