Saturday, March 12, 2016

American Girl Store 2016

It was a week late, but we made it and she loved every minute! 

This is the third year in a row we have been able to make this birthday magic happen, and it is well worth the 2 hour drive, crowds and horrendous traffic. Watching that girl grin from ear to ear is more than we could ask for. 

This was the second year that Grandma & Grandpa got to share the American Girl experience. Clearly a grandparents tolerance is higher than the average persons for walking through a girly store for hours and looking at everything 4 times each. 

As Garren and I sat with Tobias and took a rest from the gawking--he and I both agreed there wasn't a little girl in there who wasn't clearly grateful. 

You know how you go to the mall and there is at least one kid begging or throwing a tantrum? Not here. These girls know what a special time and place this is. The American Girl store isn't just a store--it's a destination--and we were clearly not the only people who traveled hours to get there. It's a neat place to look at, but it's even more an "experience" for both parent and child. 

Gracie had her mind made up long before we arrived that she would buy "Kit" and take her home with her birthday money. 

She made a bee-line for the display case full of Kit and her accessories and grabbed her within 2 minutes. 

The rest of the hours were spent carrying her around while she looked at everything 4 times and picking out what else to take home with her remaining gift money. 

After our feet were killing us, and the boys had all gone to the Lego and Disney stores--we rallied for lunch. All in all it was a perfect belated birthday trip and our girl and her new "girl" are happy as can to be. Thank you to all who helped make her birthday special by giving her gift money!

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Candice said...

I'm so glad she enjoys this so much!!! I hate she was sick on her birthday weekend, but I know she was glad to get to go! I just wish my girl would like dolls!