Sunday, April 03, 2016

Spring Breakin' 2016

I made a promise, and I kept it.

To Lynchburg we went for Spring Break 2016, with a 3 month old baby and everything but the kitchen sink packed in back.

Did I mention it was just me and the kids?!

Of course I was a mean mommy, and took Monday "off," not that I rested, but oh well.  Tuesday thru Sunday the kids were spoiled, spoiled, and spoiled.

It's kind of a blur, as I am so exhausted, but it was a good week for grandparents, grand-kids, aunts uncle and cousins--many of whom got to meet Tobias for the first time.


Uncle Brian had to meet Tobias from behind the glass as he was suffering from a stomach bug. But, that little boy didn't seem to mind and grinned from ear to ear after meeting his uncle!

Cousins Matthew (Left) and Mark (right) got a chance to meet and hold their new cousin as well.  And Aunt Barbara made them pose for pictures!

Look how tall the Miller grandchildren are!!
Mark (10th grade), Matthew (9th grade), Gracie (6th grade) & Thomas (1st grade)
Poor Thomas isn't tall, he takes after his mama, but the rest of them are giants!!


Uncle Brian buys Thomas a skateboard!!! Mama is SOOOOO not happy, but he is!  He spent the whole day (and the rest of the week) practicing. He had fun with the big boys and their skateboard on Monday and Brian threatened to buy him one. Should have known he would follow through!!


Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Gracie and Grandma are wearing me out! Of course they are wearing Thomas out too, but for a different reason. He is struggling to go for day 3 of "girly fun."


More meet & greets! Today Tobias meets cousin Mariah and Aunt Dawn, and he doted on once again by Uncle Brian!

And I love this picture of all the boys with their "boards." I told them to look "manly!" And look at those girls! Gracie is now 12 and her cousin Mariah is 18! (And no, Mariah is NOT short!)

And even though he is meeting new people, Grandma and Grandpa aren't giving up much of their Tobias time! And, while I don't have tons of pictures of the other two, I promise Thomas and Gracie have been spoiled and held just as much as baby brother!

 Weenie Stand! Mama's pick for lunch today! No fries for babies!


 We kind of divided and conquered on Saturday. Thomas finally got a girl-free day and a day for just he and Grandpa. Meanwhile, we girls (and the baby) were out shopping again! I don't know where this child gets it from! She so got the wrong mama for her.  And, I don't know how Grandma kept up with all the stores and stops this week, but she did, and she channeled her inner tween (which she never did when I was that age by the way!!) and fashioned it out with Gracie.


Despite the fact I had no room to spare coming down to Lynchburg, I some how got the car re-packed for the trip home with multiple extra bags of spoils from the Grandparents.  

In the end all that matters is the kids had a great time. Although often I wonder who enjoys the trip more, the kids or Grandma & Grandpa!

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