Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Jump, Therefore I Am

I knew when he was 2 months old and wanted to jump on my lap that this kid was going to be a jumper!

I decided soon after that he need a Jumparoo. Thomas had one and loved it when he was a baby, but like all the other items, I sent it on to another soon-to-be-mom.

After several weeks of searching (do you know pricey those things are in the store?!! Almost $100 and more than $100!!)--I found one on an online yard sale site during a late night feeding. I scored the one I had wanted all along for $25! Can't beat that.

And, he has been bouncing ever since!

First Jump, March 15 (day 91) 

 This is how a jumping session usually ends.  The poor little guy completely jumps himself out cold!


 Thomas love to jump too! August 2009 (6 months old)

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