Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mommy's Sweet Boy

Today after lunch with Thomas, I had to run by the church and do a few things for the clothes closet.  It didn't take long, and as we were leaving the church office we bumped into Pastor Jay.

Well, he had to get as many smiles as he could before I loaded the baby up, and the two "men" had a long conversation.  At one point he looked at him and said "you exhaust your mommy, don't you?"  And to that I replied, without any thinking "not as much as my big brother."

At age 7, Thomas is by far still my biggest handful.  He always has been. Gracie was such an easy child and when Thomas came into our lives full of all things that Thomas is--I had no idea how to handle it all, and I have no doubt I handled a great deal of it the wrong way.

If he's not tripping and falling, he is spilling.

If he didn't break something, he almost did.

If he is awake is is talking, and if he is talking he is asking a million questions.

But, there is so much more to Thomas, and I regret saying that to our pastor. While it is a true statement, I would never want it to give anyone the wrong impression.

My boy may be a bundle of energy and nerves and questions and chatter, and clumsiness--but he also has the biggest heart of any child you will meet. That sweet boy loves like no other. He is beyond loyal, and will carry your burdens with you.  He is so kind and thoughtful. He gives hugs and snuggles and he just wants you to love on him so he can love you back.

People used to stop me all the time in public and tell me how beautiful Gracie was.  Like they actually thought she should be in a magazine or something.  And, with Thomas, people stop me who know him and tell me what a sweet and loving boy he is.  He is always smiling, always positive and always loving.  He has such a big heart and a sensitive soul.  It is something to be protected and nurtured.  My boy is a big responsibility all the time, but keeping him a loving, sweet child of God is an ever big responsibility. One I certainly hope I am up for the challenge of.

I often tell people "he has more personality than body weight." And that is true. He also has me wrapped around his finger.  I was so worried that I couldn't love a second child, and especially not a boy. That boy stole my heart and made it bigger! He also greyed my hair, but that's a consequence I can live with.

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