Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Third Child

First kid, I was on time, if not early for everything. Everything was scheduled and organized. I didn't miss a beat, as much as one cannot miss a beat with a new child.

Second kid, I was completely frazzled and rushed but still managed to make it to everything at least by the time it started. Things were significantly less organized and planned. But, I still managed to make it happen.

Third child, I'm forgetting to do everything! I didn't even make his first wellness appointment until two weeks after he turned one month old! I have rescheduled his four-month appointment twice because I keep forgetting. I have forgotten things for the big kids, I had forgotten things for him. Permission slips unsigned, money unsent, emails un-replied. There is still a stack of baby announcements and thank you note sitting on my hutch that I still haven't made it to the post office.

Funny thing?  It isn't eating away at me as much as it did with kids #2, and no where near as much as kid #1.


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