Thursday, June 09, 2016

Awards Day In 1st Grade

It's been an exciting...and exhausting week, and I'm not done yet.

Today was Thomas' awards day for 1st grade, and Mrs. Tapper invited us parents to have lunch with the kids and see them get their certificates.

I will take responsibility for begging her to let us do awards outside after lunch.  That classroom is so small, and so many parents were there.  This worked out better photographically and air-wise, but not so well for those gotten eaten up by fire ants! Sorry!

So proud of my soon-to-be-second grader. He was given an award for being such a super helper. And, that was her nice way of saying "bossy."  Apparently he and another student could "run the class" if she wasn't there without any problem. We shall call that a "strength."

My smart boy has come so far this year. His reading has soared, and if that personality couldn't get any bigger--it continues to grow as well.

We love our big boy!

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