Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Feed Myself!

I'm not sure if it is advanced or not, but our little chunky just found a way to get those puffs from my hand to his hand to his mouth!  Anything for food...right?!

Family Sunday In Church

This morning was an "experiment" in church. Well, I am sure it was a well thought out experiment for the church staff, but for the Shipley family, it was an experiment to see if all three kids could last through out the entire service.

Today was "family Sunday" at Shady Grove and they actually cancelled all kids Sunday School classes. They wanted families to experience the entire worship service together this time around. They gave out packets for parents to help their children along with the service and everyone was very forgiving as the audience got more and more restless.

Now, I have to say my three were awesome.  Yup, all three! Now, it took an unconventional approach--but it worked.

Tobias is too small to sit on the pew because he would find away to fall. There is not enough room in between the pews and he would surely bump his head and the floor is tile and not carpeted. He gets restless in my lap, and any other lap. So, the isle is carpeted, soft and away from hard objects. 

Yes, I did.  I planted my 7 month old down beside me close to the edge of our pew and in the church isle.  He sat quietly and played the ENTIRE sermon. I gave him several toys, a binky and a baby board book Bible.  He didn't make a peep! And, its just one Sunday. I don't think anyone minded and he wasn't really a distraction--not any more than the several kids who yelled, cried, or kept walking up and down the isle.

I would say it was a success for the church and the Shipleys!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Miracle Treat Day

It was late in the day, but we made it to Dairy Queen for our annual tradition of participating in "Miracle Treat Day."  

When we get the blizzards I am sure to remind my precious two (and eventually three when he can understand what I am saying and have dairy)--that we are so blessed they were born and remain healthy.

We support DQ on this day because they support the Children's Miracle Network and all the kids who need doctors and nurses far more often than any child should have to.

Tobias Says "Bruh-uh"

These two have had the most amazing bond since they met in the hospital 7 months ago. It has been the sweetest thing to watch Tobias worship his older brother. And so it is only fitting that his 3rd word ever spoken was today and it was "bruh-huh."

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Story Time Of Summer

We only got to two story times all summer, but I guess that is better than none.  Before Thomas started Kindergarten I hardly ever missed a story time week, except in the summers.  I guess life is just more hectic for me then to coordinate being somewhere at a set time.  Clearly it was this summer.

But, we enjoyed our last Wednesday with Mrs. Carolyn. And we talked the Whitlock kids into joining us too.

Now that Tobias is old enough, and watching him sit and listen and grin during the older kids story time--I can't wait to bring him back solo this fall for Mother Goose story times on Tuesdays. This "class" is just for babies 6 months to 2 years old.  Thomas loved it, and he went all the way through the story time "ladder" and still enjoys participating in the summer (when we remember) despite being 7 now!


11 years I've been keeping up with this online diary.  I can't say I stick to a great deal of the ideas I have had over my lifetime, but I am pretty proud this one has gone as long and as far as it has.

Happy Anniversary to me!

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An overview. Pretty impressive!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fun With Bryce & Emmy At Our House

We always love sharing our days with these two!!

Plus, when mom drops them off to run errands, they get to make a big ol' noisy ruckus of a mess. Cause messes don't matter in the Shipley house! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Since we are on the "firsts" train these days, why not add in more?

To celebrate his first words, we decided to break open a can of banana puffs and see how he liked those.  Muck like any food Tobias gets his gums into--he loved them.  So, snacking is now a "go," and maybe it will help develop the pincer grasp and hand to eye coordination.

Baby's First Words, A Compromise

Tobias has been "saying" "mamamama" since he was 3 months old.

He has been "saying" "dadadadada" since he was 5 months old.

But since he never has said "ma-ma" or "da-da" and looked anywhere in our directions, we didn't count either as first words.

This morning however, our little sweetheart sat between us on the bed, happy that his family had been reunited in his home, looked at me and said "ma-ma, da-da" as if to tell me, he was finally home.

Garren and I decided to both claim our "names" as first words together.  It was a precious moment. Tobias just beamed, and we just beamed, and it was a wonderful memory.

I still remember when Gracie said her first word. She said "ma-ma" while we sat on the asphalt  in our apartment's parking lot watching daddy change the oil in the car. I remember that I screamed so loud with excitement it made her cry!

Since I was blogging by then, I was able to make an entry when Thomas said his first word, which also happened to be "ma-ma."

****Hmmm, Gracie was 7 months, Thomas was 5 months, and Tobias was 7 months at his first word--interesting***

While we are talking about sounds, here's a chart of where Tobias is at 7 months. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Baby Makes 3 Grandkids At Grandmas

Why is it kids grow at Grandma's?!  This works for Mamaw & Papaw's house too!  All three of my kids grew leaps and bounds not only in size but skill EVERY time we traveled. So lets go down the list.

Tobias had his....

First Swim

To say that Tobias loved the water is an understatement! That child loved the water so much his little legs didn't stop for a minute. He found a way into the water at least once a day each day we were at Grandma's and nothing stopped him. He would throw his face forward and go under the water or splash his own face--nothing phased him. He would spit the water out and keep on kicking and splashing. It was so much fun to watch him love something so much. I was sure nothing could compete with his love for his Jumparoo, but this took the cake!

First Swing

It was so hot, so we went out to swing in the baby swing early in the morning before brother and sister dained to get out of bed.  But even at 8:30 am we didn't last long as the humidity was fierce.  Nothing could compare to the pool, but he sure did enjoy his rides in the swing.

First Big Boy Car Seat

Why yes, he did get so big this week that he had to get a new car seat. In fact, he got so big I couldn't buckle him in the carrier, had to go to Toys R Us and we delayed our return home by several hours.  While the pediatrician and I already discussed that he would need a new car seat ASAP on Monday, I could still buckle him when I came down here! It would all have been funny if it hadn't been so hot, exhausting and overwhelming and guilt ridden.  But, he has a new seat now, and in theory it will last him the res of his childhood. Ha! I will believe it when I see it.

First Black Eye

 To make our week more exciting, we needed an injury.  I was packing up the kids items for the trunk and had taken a break. I was sitting with him in the floor watching him play, and even though he was already on his belly and didn't fall far when his hands gave out under him (he can't even crawl and get that big belly off the floor, so we are talking inches here)--he landed square on a roll around (round ball toy) right in his eye socket.  Because we totally needed more drama today, the new car seat wasn't enough!

Here are some other sweet pictures from our very hot 4 day visit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Big Kids In Lynchburg

So the big kids are having a blast being without baby, without mommy or daddy and being spoiled rotten.  That is I assume so since they have NOT CALLED ME ONCE! Not once! I get a picture, if I am lucky, via text once a day.

I really shouldn't be surprised, they would leave me in a heartbeat for Grandma and Grandpa and never look back.

Here's what I have somewhat sorted out...