Friday, June 24, 2016

Bible School At Bryce's Church

It's Thomas' 4th year crashing Bryce's church's Vacation Bible School. Good thing they don't mind.  And while he (as always) had a great time, I have to gear this post to more about Gracie.

MY Gracie offered to help at MCC's VBS since she had already signed up to help next week at our church's VBS (6th graders and up are no longer in classes, but considered youth and helpers).  I offered her services to Kelly, and when she replied that their youth group does their own activities each day of VBS---MY Gracie not only got excited, but was ready for me to sign her up.
Monday Night: Bowling
 MY Gracie was willing to spend a week with people she didn't know, and had never met and spend 3 hours a night with them, most of the time away from the church!

Tuesday Night: Swimming

MY Gracie, was not only excited to go, but had a blast each night and was excited to return.

Wednesday Night: Service Project         Thursday Night (not shown): Movie

Sure enough--she had NO recognizable faces or names, and none of them went to her school and they were ALL members of MCC.

Yes, I was floored. I had to manage my response so I didn't deter her from trying new things and pushing out of her very tight comfort zone.  I couldn't have been more proud--or shocked. But in the end, she had a fantastic week and experience!

 Most of my pictures are from the finale tonight. Our "ham" Thomas was his typical over the top self on stage as he sang his song.  And, Daddy joined us!  While Gracie had a great week, the youth don't take part in the last day, so she just ate and watched her brother ham it up.  Although, she did stand in line for the ice cream truck--an annual tradition at the end of VBS.


Candice said...

I'm so happy for Gracie!!

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