Sunday, July 17, 2016

Solo Week

Two of my three kids are gone, and Garren left Tuesday for 10 days.  So, it's been just the baby and mommy for a while now.

I had great plans.

Plans to tackle things that never get done, needed to get done, or I wanted to get done. 

As you can imagine, even with 2 less kids and no husband, that baby made completing that list impossible. 

I did however scratch several things off that I wanted to do, and if you know me at all, the list didn't have a few things, but many, many things listed.

 I was so behind on baby announcements that I gave up and sent out "6 month announcements!" Just like with Gracie and Thomas I wanted to do so many special things, of course the advent of Pinterest since my second child has made my "wants" list so big that I can't imagine any human could tackle it--much less a mom with three kids.

If I managed to get a baby announcement to you, it was probably hand delivered, and you won't get one of the "sad & lazy & disappointed mommy" cards.

I did get "mom" time with a lunch a browse through Hobby Lobby with Grace. I did 58 cent pancake day with Jo and Rachael & Rebecca, and then we scoped out Goodwill.

I "redecorated" Gracie's room.  I guess that is kind of an over simplification--I "frosted" it up. I face timed her from her newly decorated room while she was at Grandma's and she seemed super pleased.

I made Thomas a "Tooth Fairy Book." I had the idea and made one for Gracie with a picture of each time she lost a tooth and a little chart with each picture and I dropped her dollar coins inside the picture page.  So, I wanted one for Thomas too. I don't know if they are impressed by them, but I think it is a neat memory book and a good way to store those special coins.

I reorganized the kitchen. The downfall of having one of the kids chores being unloading the dishwasher is the haphazard way they put things away. Drives me nuts. So it's all straight again and the fridge and pantry are all nice and neat too.

As a matter of fact, the house has stayed nice and neat. Amazing how without kids and a hubby the laundry stays washed and put away, dishes get put in the dishwasher, trash gets taken out, there are no crumbs or messes. I could go on, but I will stop--you get the idea.

I so wanted to sew this week! But, nope. I did things for the kids and the house and didn't get to do what I wanted to do.  I started an egg apron for Jolee, but didn't even get to finish that.  Oh well, I did what I could--and that of course did not include sleep. I'm the one who gets up in the middle of the night with the baby anyway, but I was really hoping that less people would equal less noise and a more calm atmosphere and some miracle that would make him sleep through the night. No such luck.  And, my hygiene was diminished as well. I can typically hand off the baby to Gracie or Garren at least to get a shower or go to the bathroom in peace.

And, as for today--I had great plans to get to church. After all I just had to get 2 people ready instead of 5.  I had my new dress laid out, his precious outfit laid out--the church bag & diaper bag were ready!  He started to get fussy around 10, so I thought I would put him down for a morning nap and get myself ready and get a few more things done while he snoozed, and then we would be off. *We* woke up at 11:45.  Yep, it's been that kind of week. Such great plans and yet day to day activities feel like wading through mud.  So, he and I read his baby Berenstain Bears Bible so we could get some extra God in today.

So, that was our week. Nothing exciting, not a lot of progress on the mommy lists--but a lot less noise and a lot less mess. 

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