Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Splash Baby!

 Thank you Grace for capturing this/these moments!!!

Oh what fun this little one had at the splash park today!

Not that the bigger kids didn't, because they did--but this is our water baby!!

We went with the Whitlocks this morning and enjoyed a mostly cloudy and not to horrendously hot day at the park with water. 

This is a "spray ground" at one of Henrico County parks and its free, and awesome, and typically crowded.

It was pretty crowded when we arrived, but it died down after a while.

While Tobias mostly loved the water, he also enjoyed his first park swing. He had his first official swing at Grandma's so I knew he would enjoy it, but his face was priceless.  He is not only our water baby, but I have a feeling he will be our "daredevil" too!

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