Friday, October 14, 2016

Baby's New Wheels

Well, new to him.

I had completely forgotten we had given this little Step 2 car to Emmy years ago for her to use. I had scored it from a thrift store for Thomas not long after we moved to Mechanicsville and he loved it.

So, when Grace brought this car, and a car that Emmy had outgrown back to our house, Tobias had to give the car a spin.

Love is an understatement! How many 9 month old babies know how to turn the steering wheel?!!!

He has loved this car since it arrived at our house earlier this week.

And, it looks like it will be perfect to ride down to the bus stop to pick up brother so mommy can stop hefting him back up that hill!

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Candice said...

I love his expressions! I can tell he loves it!! I'd totally take this and go shopping! J always loved her stroller when we went shopping, but I wouldn't have been beyond pushing her in a car either!