Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hay Bales

The Whitlock's had to get ready for baseball tonight, but we had time to stop off and see the fall decor and fun at the  Pole Green Produce Stand on our way home.

Each year they add some sort of fun for the kids. Typically it is a bounce house and a hay maze. This year was no different and the older kids took off and figured out the maze pretty quickly. 

But, it seems the most fun was a the hay slide they added.  I think Gracie and Thomas climbed and slid 20 times! 

They had also added a massive sized bounce house as well in addition to the toddler sized one they break out every year. I got brave and let Tobias try the bounce house. He couldn't stand up, but bounced as the other small child inside jumped. He LOVED it!

We didn't stay long, but I was sure to get some good fall fun pictures while they played.

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Candice said...

Fun! I love his "Pooh" suit!