Monday, February 20, 2017

3 Day Weekend Love

It's President's Day and I am sure that I should be something more meaningful or educational with my kids, but Tobias is still struggling with his stomach and daddy ended up going into the office for part of the day, so this is how day #3 of our weekend rounded out:

* Trimming box tops for school

* Assembling and figuring out how to use daddy's new toy (pressure washer)

* Pressure washing the grill
* Thawing chicken

* Playing outside with neighbor child

* Daddy comes home and he and kids pressure was everything they can get their hands on

* Grilling out

* Rushing Gracie to last minute called youth band practice

* Bed

Hey, it's no day for the history books, but it was our day off, and we used it the way we could--most of which was outside in the phenomenally warm weather!

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