Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby (Oliver) Love

We had to get the rest of Cheyenne's birthday present today after school, so I loaded up the boys and we headed over to get it done.

Of course we had to go down the "girl" toy isle, and Tobias saw the baby dolls and went NUTS!

In the church nursery, Mrs. Verna was tickled to tell me that Tobias' favorite toys were two baby dolls. He carries them around everywhere and gets mad at her when she takes them to wash them off.

Fearing the worst with this one, I asked if he was poking their eyes out or pulling hair. She laughed and said "no, he likes to suck on their toes and fingers!"

That boy.

Well, he just had to have a baby doll, and I couldn't say "no."  Its not like he gets things all the time (I meant that seriously, the bigger kids are far more spoiled with things than he), so I bought the most gender neutral (to lessen the blow to daddy) and I named him Oliver.

Both kids wanted to know why "Oliver?" And I told them "because daddy said no to naming Tobias that."  The looks were priceless.  Gracie abruptly announces, "I don't think Oliver would have been a good name for Tobias. That's the name of a calm kid."

When you are right, you are right girl!

So, all afternoon Tobias has carried baby Oliver wherever he goes. I sent the picture to Mrs. Verna so she could see he finally got a baby to love (and suck on) of his own. She loved it.

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