Saturday, February 11, 2017

Freebie Love

We set out as a family to Short Pump today to do a few errands and to let Thomas use some of his birthday "money."

What we hadn't expected was just how much birthday love he would get.

Thanks to a sale at Barnes and Noble he was able to get FOUR books with the gift card Bryce gave him and a FREE chocolate chip cookie as big as his face!

At Toys R Us he had gotten a free $3 in the mail from their birthday club, and since TRU is so expensive, we told him he could have $5 to spend and we would cover the extra. He picked out a monster truck and at the check out I paid the extra $1 and asked for the bottom of the coupon back since it said something about a birthday "surprise."

Well, surprise! He got a stuffed Geoffrey and a book to go along with it! That was the free surprise in addition to the $3 store coupon they sent him!

Mama had some fun too as I went fabric shopping with my Hobby Lobby gift card from Grace (from Christmas)--so that was a huge mood boost for me. And we all got Zaxby's for lunch.  A great family outing to the busiest side of Richmond!

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