Saturday, May 26, 2018

Congratulations Mark

Class of 2018
Dan River High School

Friday, May 25, 2018

A Good Day With Tobias

“Mommy, I draw church! You turn! You draw church.”

We took turns back and forth to create this very detailed sketch before he was satisfied and very proud to put it on the fridge like brother & sisters “big deal papers” go.

Tobias fixed “sketti” for lunch. Bring your good teeth!

  **he’s being super cute & super sweet this morning, so I am being sure to savor it—and photograph it as the non-demon times seem few & far between.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thumb Surgery

When you are trying to be (yourself) stubborn and your friends get God on their side!

I cancelled my surgery for Tuesday, deciding it would be fine and wasn’t worth the money and time and inconvenience to my family. Then comes the cascade of angry texts and calls from people when they find out. Knowing that I am cheap and stubborn to the core, they start praying—and it works. The doctors office calls and insists I have the broken sewing needle removed from my thumb.

I’m out of surgery. I’m home and I’m fine. And now I am going to try to sleep!

#thankGodtheydidnttellDixie Chappellonme

Friday, May 18, 2018

Sewing "Mishap"

You might think little old ladies who sew are dainty and cute—but we are also tough as....needles.

Sewing for decades, even have my own online business making clothes and other sewn items—never have I ever sewn through my thumb....until today.

Yes it hurts.

No, they couldn’t get the broken piece out of my thumb.

Yes, I actually have to have surgery to remove (Tuesday).

Of course I started sewing again after it happened, and again after I got back from Urgent Care—I have 6 dresses to finish and get to the Post Office by 1!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mamas Backing Mamas

A little update: I want to thank you all for your laughter and for backing this mama up yesterday—but let me say that Gracie is not only a good kid, she is an amazing kid. She is kind and giving and bright and talented. She’s just like every other pre-teen and teen who thinks their life is unfair and their parents are the cruelest ever.

We are not a family of means, but we have given more than just the basics to our kids and yet, compared to the kids she goes to school with, she is pitied. The laptop she has is her dad’s old one and she actually can’t move it from her desk as it won’t hold a charge, she has a cell phone on our family plan and only got it her 7th grade year since the national news about school shooting and such made her parents super scared. She wears Goodwill clothes because the kid hasn’t stopped growing at an alarming pace since she was born! She has a king sized bed because she needed a new bed at the time I was pregnant with Tobias, and we knew we would have family visiting and staying to help with the other kids—so, we figured we would do a two-fer and make the guest space more comfortable.

This isn’t the first time she has complained about her life. Her biggest frustration is her bedtime, having to do chores without an allowance and the clothes thing is getting to be a bigger deal and a daily complaint.

Now, her friends (from what I am told) enter school daily or at least bi-weekly with a coffee cup from Panera and high fashioned clothes. They feel bad for her because of her bedtime and that I closely monitor what she watches and listens to. She doesn’t know popular TV shoes or musicians. And, they are sad for her because I buy her clothes used or get hand-me-downs.

I am not backing off my stance that she is so very blessed—but I didn’t want anyone to think that she is a spoiled brat diva. She really is a good kid.

But, I know how cranky she gets without enough sleep, I am not taking out loans to buy her fancy clothes, and I firmly believe that what we see, hear and do can alter the path God wants us to be on, especially when we are still children and need more guidance about what is right and wrong. And, this house is used by ALL of us! We are a family, and despite my often thoughts of such: I am not a maid. We all live here, we all can work here. No one is getting paid to be apart of a family. And, I don’t see her or her brother jumping at the opportunities to do the extra money chores either!

Thank you for supporting this mama. And for letting me know I am NOT alone in my parenting frustration and restrictions!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Backseat Bible "Insults"

Thomas & friends in the back of my car this afternoon on the way home from after school Bible study:

Kid 1: “Your King Herrod!!”

Kid 2: “I am not! YOU are King Herrod!!!”

Kid 1: “You are King Herrod! I am Paul!”

Kid 3: “Eww, you got eaten by worms!”


The Most Pittied Girl In 8th Grade

I have been informed, by my daughter, that her friends and most of the kids at school all feel sorry for her and her life.

You can send your condolences and donations for her speedy release from the horrid conditions by which she lives directly to her at:
Gracie Shipley
4th Gutter On The Right
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

If this picture doesn’t show you how enough how hard her life is, please read the unreasonable conditions and limitations by which she is expected to survive:

*4-5 daily chores (that include cleaning of her room and homework)

*4-5 specialized weekend chores

*8:45 bedtime weekdays/ 9:30 weekends

*no allowance

*no make up wearing (except on Sundays)

*strict TV/movie/music limits based on content, language & suggestion

*internet turns off at 8:30

*many of her clothes are purchased from Goodwill

*she needs to ask before eating a snack

* she has to earn extra money by doing extra chores


*use of her OWN CELL PHONE THAT WE PAY FOR is not to be used during school hours unless of emergency or teacher request

*practice of HER OWN VIOLIN THAT WE BOUGHT HER is to be done daily

*she must make up her KING SIZED BED daily



*she must wash her own clothes THAT I BOUGHT FOR HER (because she created dirty clothes mountains and I was fed up)

*she had to help her brother and check in with me while SHE WAS AT DISNEY

*she has to let us “follow” her via GPS on her phone while she is ON SPECIAL TRIPS THAT WE PAY FOR for school and orchestra activities

*her mother HAND MADE her Confirmation dress as well as 50+ other dresses over her 14 year life time

*she is asked to volunteer at CHURCH events and activities

*she is only given a birthday party on BIG year birthdays, and is only celebrated at home with gifts, cards, a cake, decorations, grandparents, & dinner out on the other years.

*money she is given or earns is put on HER OWN KID DEBIT CARD THAT HER DADDY SET UP

And to make matters worse...

*she was given life

*lives in a house

*has at least 3 meals a day

*has money on her lunch account

*has 3 separate musical Instruments in her room

*has her own laptop and access to internet

*lives with both parents

*has a blog dedicated to her

*had over 10,000 pictures taken over her life (literally)

*just gulped down a #1 meal from Chick Fil A

I am sure the local CPS is waiting for your call.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018