Sunday, February 11, 2018

Working Mom?

I wonder if I worked...

Would I get more respect from my children if I got a paycheck?

Would I be expected to do less household chores or receive more help if I got a shower and put on nice clothes and fixed my hair 5 mornings a week?

Would they realize how much I loved them and how good they had it if they had to spend the afternoons at day care? 

Would the looks and conversations with and from strangers in the store be better and laced with more expectation of my background?

Would people be less likely to wonder if I finished high school or if I went to college or if I got pregnant before marriage?

Would school and church leaders be more impressed and less expectant of volunteer activities? 

Would new acquaintances be more impressed with my decision to balance a career and family?

Would I be looked at by others in a better light? Would that make me look at myself and be proud?

I don’t know. But I know I would miss all the things that made me CHOOSE to stay at home and raise my children. Because my frustration and self doubt are just as fleeting as my children’s youth. 

Friday, February 09, 2018

The (Sick) Birthday Boy

Our middle child and oldest son.

Our question-asker and happy-go lucky boy.

The gentleman and ambassador for our family.

His brother’s super hero and his sisters constant target.

His mama’s sweet sweet boy, his fathers handy helper.

Grandpa's shadow and mini-me.

He’s never met a stranger and makes and keeps friends easily. 

He wants to know it all and is sure he already has the answers.

Our “weather man” who can spot a tow truck 4 blocks away.

He has the biggest heart, and we love him to the moon and back.

Happy 9th Birthday my precious precious boy.

We are so sorry you have the flu and we can’t do all the typical birthday traditions—but look how much you are loved!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

We Are Not Immune

Best laid plans. Flu shots. Hand sanitizer.

School aged children can conquer them all.

All three kids have been home for the past two days.

The school nurse called me on Tuesday to tell me Thomas had a 100.8 fever, and to also let me know two other kids from his class had been sent home with fevers as well.

By Wednesday morning it was clear our middle man was not feeling great, but it looks like he has avoided the terrifying strain of the flu. His teacher emailed me to let me know that the other two students in the class tested positive for the flu, and there is no doubt in my mind he has it too. He says he feels dizzy and his legs are shaky and weak and he has barely eaten anything.

As for Gracie, I think she just has a bad cold (and perhaps some jealousy), but I am thinking that sending her to school with a struggling immune system only opens the door for more serious germs, so I am letting her get away with it-for now.

And the baby. Well, he scared us Sunday by waking up crying hard and then being pale and wouldn’t eat or do anything but snuggle. And don’t get me wrong—I love to snuggle,  but that is definitely not our wild child at all!

Under arm temperature readings had him in the normal range, but in the afternoon when he still wouldn’t move from the bed and his eyes seemed to get more dark and sunken I put the thermometer in his mouth. I can’t believe he didn’t fight me, but come to find out he had a 101 fever!

One dose of Tylenol and he is back to his wild self and eating everything in sight! He woke up Monday morning fever free and like nothing happened!

Daddy got sick on his birthday and is still coughing. He contracted some sort of tuberculosis version of illness and promptly passed it on to me.

So, the entire Shipley family is still a little bit ill in some way. (Tobias seems fine, but he is sleeping a LOT more than usual).

We wait, and try to heal. And, we try to change the subject off birthdays. Thomas turns 9 tomorrow and the first thing he said to me when I picked him up from school was “what about my birthday?!” My continued reply is “let’s just take it a day at a time,” but he is one very upset camper knowing that he will likely not get taken out to dinner on his special day or see his friends. But, if you know me at all, you know he will be more than celebrated!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Day

Quiet & Dulcid

Happy & Sweet

Wild Animal!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back To School NIght(s)

It's the first one I have done solo in a LONG time!

Mrs. Joyner specifically asked that we leave kids at home tonight as it can get loud and crazy.

And, since daddy has to work a debate tonight, poor Gracie got stuck with both brothers for 40 minutes at home.

She managed okay, but they all greeted me at the door and she handed Tobias off like he was a stick of dynamite!

Most of the 3rd grade chat for us parents was a long list of information, but I was sure to get some precious photos of my boys handiwork around the classroom before and after the Power Point presentation.

Gracie's Back To School Night was last week, and it was soooo stressful! I was rushing to get inside and to each session and it was  mess. But, I did get a lot of information and Gracie was there to help me around the school the best she could. But, I seriously failed at pictures!

Baby's Favorite Book

Today was a sick day at home for Gracie, but she was gracious enough to let me get a shower and entertain Tobias for 20 minutes.

When I came out they were sitting in daddy's chair with Tobias' favorite book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Gracie said she had read it to him 4 times.

That's not the record dear!

His favorite part is putting his fingers in the holes while mama makes a munching

noise. He will do it over and over and over again!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Memory Musuem

Thomas' first 3rd grade project was due today. It was just like what Gracie did her first month in Mrs. Joyner's class.

Mrs, Joyner tweaked it a bit over the years though. Instead of standing up in front of the class one by one over a few days--each student spreads the objects out on their desk and they take turns walking around the classroom and hear their classmates narrate their own memory museum.

Can you tell which goes with which?

Thomas had to bring in something that:

*Scares him
*Makes him laugh
*Something Old
*Keeps him warm

*Worth more than gold

You can see Gracie's box from 3rd grade here.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Daddy's Overalls

Tobias was big enough, maybe even a bit too big, to finally fit in his daddy's baby overalls.

Now, I took some photos with my phone at the church, and planned to pull out the good camera when I got home and he had a nap.

Lets just say that, like usual, what I have planned for Tobias, didn't happen.

In fact, I am not sure I had any time today to do anything other than yell "Tobias!" and listen to tantrums.

I love him--he is hard!