Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 3

You would think it would have happened the first day, but Gracie decides to have a melt down on the the third week.

I knew things weren't going well this morning when she started crying and telling me she didn't want to go to school, she wanted to stay home with me. I did everything under the sun to get her excited about the day ahead, but to no avail.

She cried as we walked down the apartment steps, she cried in the car, she cried as we walked down to the sidewalk, and she was still crying when we walked in the front door of her preschool.

Ms. Stephanie greeted us at the door, and I told her we were having a bad morning. She encouraged her to hang up her backpack, and I sat with her for a few moments as she started coloring a picture. She dried her tears and began to look excited. I snapped a picture. A few moments later I told her the other parents were leaving and that I loved her.

The waterworks started again. Ms. Stephanie came quickly to the rescue. I hated leaving her their crying. I hated it because I wasn't there to soothe her, and I really hated to leave someone else to deal with her sadness. I adore my daughter, but I still hold to a big belief that my child should not be anyone else's concern/problem/inconvenience. Many of you disagree with my philosophy, but I had her and no one else should have their dinner ruined, or have to clean up an extra mess, or feed or change her. I clean up the floor and table at a restaurant and we leave if she makes a scene or is interfering with others good time. I didn't even let other people change or feed her as a baby--it wasn't their responsibility, it was mine. And my joy.

Now, that you are up to speed on my issues, you can see how much I hated to leave her. I kept waiting the entire morning for a phone call from the school to come and get her.

The call never came, and when I went to pick her up she was chipper and excited to see me. I asked Ms. Stephanie if she cried for long and she said "no," and that she played better today than she ever had. I was shocked, but very happy.

I left the room with a happy girl who got a smiley face on her thumb again today, made a craft and received a certificate. Obviously, I had nothing to worry about.

As for her day at school; she told me they had Pooh crackers for snack, the story was something about going to the doctor, and they made binoculars. According to the calendar they sent home at Orientation; this weeks shape is the circle, and the song is "Won't You Be A Friend Of Mine."

Gracie's Preschool Pictures

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