Friday, February 25, 2011

100th Day Of School

Today marks 100 days as a First Grader for Gracie.

It was such a monumental occasion, I decided she needed special attire!

I made her a shirt that reads "100 reasons my mommy loves me." Can you think of a better way to count to 100?!!

I also made a matching skirt. Okay, actually, I used fabric from the skirt I made to make the which ever.

She loved her surprise outfit this morning, but I have to say, besides the shirt, I was less than thrilled with the skirt. It is definitely too long. But, Gracie tells me all the First Grade teachers made a fuss over her. They rotated rooms today, with each teacher doing a different 100 day activity.

I did NOT get good pictures of Gracie today! It was pouring this morning, and we were running behind--so I don't have a good morning one. And, this afternoon she posed in front of the kitchen window so those are blurry (but, I am posting it anyway).

But, lack of pictures aside, she had a great 100 day. And, she got an awesome treat: a trip to Grandma's. I wonder if this is our 100th car trip there? Hmmm.

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Candice said...

Cute! It's not hard to think of 100 reasons we love our kids is it?