Tuesday, June 09, 2015

5th Grade Fun Day

Being a 5th grader has it's perks.

Like 5th grade fun day!

Today was all about our soon to be middle- schoolers.

Their teachers planned and took them on a field trip to Ashland Skateland (where Gracie was forbidden to break any new bones!) and when they got off the buses at noon, they were greeted by the 5th grade graduation committee (of which I was a part of) and given leis to start the rest of their luau fun day!

It was super hot, but the kids all had a blast. We fed them lunch and gave them tons to do. I was photographer for a while, but then got called into service to do face painting--which I had never done, but I am pretty sure I rocked.

Gracie was my first "customer" and she begged for a mustache, and some letters. She and her friends had planned at lunch to have matching face painting done and then have their pictures taken at the photo booth.  What silly girls! I cringed as I put a black mustache on my pretty girl, but she smiled and giggled so it made it all worth it.

Besides face painting and the photo booth and lunch; there was popcorn, cotton candy, a DJ, fortune telling, corn hole games, and most importantly--no school work or classroom time!

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