Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mama's Paint Night

I was tired, exhausted, and severely sunburned after helping to give my Gracie a super fun 5th grade day, but I wasn't about to miss Mama's Paint Night.

You may remember that one of the many things on my Richmond Bucket List was to go to paint night one more time.

Being the awesome friend that she is, Grace promised to go with me. She even planned a Chuy's dinner before hand so I could get two bucket list items crossed off!

Now, Grace is a great friend, and doesn't find painting as fun as I do, and I will always be thankful for her willingness to make herself uncomfortable in order to make my night awesome!

I am getting pretty good at Paint Night!

I think I rocked the "sailboat" plans.

Thanks for an awesome night Grace--and for always being such a great friend to me these past 3 years!

Paint Night 2013

Paint Night 2014

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