Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Horray For Back To School?

We survived middle school open house, and we have 1st grade open house tomorrow, so what else should we do but celebrate the start of a new school year.

I had a large pile of left over Chuck E Cheese tokens from years past and thought it might be a fun way to end the summer, so we invited the Whitlock's to celebrate with us.

Grace kept Thomas at her house this morning so just Gracie and I could concentrate on Middle School, and so we came back hot, sweaty and frazzled and loaded everyone up and headed to Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes, I am aware the irony of that from one frazzled place to another.

Actually, besides the day care field trip that was there, it wasn't bad at all. Thanks to my stash, online coupons, and printable certificates each kid ended up with 31 tokens to play.  My Thomas chose to do more ride on vehicles and games than the ones that gave tickets, so he didn't get many, but best friend Bryce only did ticket games and racked up more than a hundred.

We got a pizza, but I think the kids were more interested in having fun, and fun they had.

It was nice to have a little celebration. Here's to a new school year, to the end of a summer, and to getting to stay with friends indefinitely!

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